Founded in 2018, Worio International has raised the standard of food exporting from India to all over the world. Quality food items like vegetables, fruits and grocery has to be reached to all part of the world and that was the main objective of this company since its inception. India is the exporting hub of fruits, vegetables and grocery since many decades. When we decided to start Worio International, we were committed with the quality and quantity because we have our own farm houses where we sow Vegetables like onions, corn; Fruits like banana, mango; and Pulses like rice and wheat. We are pioneer in exporting food items like: onion, banana, mango, rice (basmati and other types) .The founders of the company Mr. Jitendra Vasoya  is highly experienced with the farming background. Their forefathers were associated with farming business and inspection of the quality fruits, vegetables and pulses are in their blood. The quality consciousness is their utmost priority and hence every single fruit and vegetable is checked under Agricultral and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) for pesticide free export. We have the one of the largest storing space in the local area and hence we are capable of fulfilling any size order and ready to export immediately. We have the simplest process set for quick delivery. You can contact us for inquiry, we will happy to associate with you!


The order delivered will be same as order placed?
Yes. We will send you the sample items (500 gm to 1 Kg) once we receive your order. On the confirmation of the sample items, we shall send the same quality items (vegetables, fruits, grocery).
Will you give the sample products for free?
Yes. We will send the sample for free the freight charges will be borne by the client. The sample items will rich within a week by air.
If the ordered quantity is larger than the normal order, is cash on delivery (COD) possible?
As per the company policy, there is not cash on delivery irrespective of the order size. Though the payment condition is either 100% advance or L/C (Letter of credit)
What is the possibility of order delay after placing it?
We take all the care for not to delay your order and even if there are any chances due to natural calamity, we will inform you at the earliest. Nevertheless, along with the order deliver, we will send shipment no., insurance policy, logistic bill etc.
How can you assure the quality of the food items?
For the quality assurance we have, Certificate of origin, Phytosenitary Certificate, APEDA Membership, SGS certificate, IEC (Import – Export code).


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